Elegant Collars
Discreet Collars for Everyday Wear

Welcome to the home of Jessica's Elegant Collars!  

I hope you find the perfect daytime collar here.

Below you will find photos of the many styles we have available for your discreet collar ... each collar is hand-made by me to your exact specifications and material choices.   Because each order is custom-made, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.  Thank you!

All our pieces are made from the highest quality materials - choose from Sterling Silver, Gold-filled (yellow or rose), gorgeous and durable anodized Niobium, Copper, Brass or Bronze.  We never use aluminum or other inexpensive materials.  Aluminum is a very inexpensive material, but also very lightweight and flimsy.  It is simply not durable enough for a fine piece of jewelry.  We also do not use silver or gold plated materials ... the plating eventually wears off and the quality is not up to the standards of an elegant piece of jewelry.  

Feel free to send me an email if you have an idea for something you don't see here, and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery, as each collar is custom made per your order.  Each order includes a 2 inch extension chain to lengthen your collar for discreet wear. 


Byzantine Style - made of Yellow Gold-Filled rings with smaller Sterling Silver rings as connectors.

Dragon's Tail Collar - made of Sterling Silver rings

Byzantine Style - made of Sterling Silver rings with a heart-shaped Sterling Silver Padlock Toggle Clasp

NEW!  Infinity Style made with Sterling Silver rings and Swarovski Crystal Squares - choose your colors!

Mobius Style - made of Sterling Silver rings

Mobius Style - made of Yellow and Rose Gold-Fill

Infinity (TM) Style - made of Sterling Silver 

Infinity (TM) Style - made of light blue and dark blue anodized Niobium rings with a heart-shaped Sterling Silver Filigree Clasp (no key - works by hand)

Turkish Round Maille - made of Sterling Silver rings

Jens Pind Style - made of Silver, Yellow and Rose Gold-Fill

Full Persian Style - made of Sterling Silver rings with Working Heart Padlock 

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